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The Web browser is what dominates the desktop in the modern scenario. To get all the work done, you need to depend upon the web browser and so all you need is a stable one at your fingertips. To work with Linux also, you need a dependable web browser and Linux ecosystem has a web browser in abundance to choose from. You have to select the best, based on your need.

The great option for web browser makes Linux more popular and Linux course helps you to deal with the best web browser for Linux environment.

Some of the best available web browsers in the market for Linux desktop are:
  1. Firefox: Firefox is among the top three popular browsers which is equally the best for Linux users. Many Linux distributions are shipped with it by default. It is a memory efficient browser and also has the extraordinary JavaScript performance. It is the most customizable browser and for most of the Linux distribution it is a default web browser.
  2. Qupzilla: It is considered as one of the lightest weight browser. It is based on WebKit and is available with ad blocker and speed dialing facility. It is perfect for mimicking the desktop theme as many browsers fail to do that. It is really a great choice as it tries to integrate with the user's surroundings and environment.
  3. Chrome: This browser is the obvious choice for any Linux user as it is the fastest browser among all the options available. The Chromium browser version of the Linux operating system is the open source version and works really well. It is a lightweight and also a fast Javascript engine. It is very responsive and extensible, but has only the basic functionality. So if you need the basics, this is the best web browser to accomplish your Linux work.
  4. Opera: Opera is a neat web browser which offers great functionality that is hardly found among the others. It has the ability to allow users with the heavy compression feature to avail the Web even with slow internet connection.
  5. Konqueror: It is a solution for both files as well as web browsing. It is a combo application.  It offers you all the amenities of any modern browsers like tabs, ad filtering, pop-up blocking and many more. It works best on KDE but also works fine on machines that are GTK based. The built in profiles of this web browser, files and layouts are quite neat and impressive.
  6. Lynx: Lynx is a command line web browser which is there to assist you while troubleshooting. You will hardly get any web browser like this. It is text based. Some may find it less effective, but at times it is an indispensable one.
  7. Midori: This is lightweight and attractive web browser. It offers a great RSS detection and because of its speed and responsiveness, it is now a default browser for many Linux distributions. It has smart bookmarks, support for scripts and styles, mouse gestures, speed dial and many other features.

An authentic Linux course will arm you with the correct knowledge of selecting the right Web browser for completing your work in Linux environment.

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