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Is your computer a few months old and already performing slower than before? This is a common problem as experienced by a number of users. But you no longer have to deal with this issue. PC optimizing is a convenient option now. With this, you can now speed up your old PC and get it to run like how it was when you first purchased it.

No, no technical experience required! You don't need to be a geek too. Just a few tips and tricks will work fine.

Let's explore!

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Software
There are a number of programs on your PC that you hardly use. And you would be surprised to know how they slow down your computer. So it is best to remove these to optimize your PC. One way of doing it is by going to Control Panel and removing the unwanted or unknown programs

Keep Windows Updated
Your computer probably automatically updates your Windows version. But if it doesn't, you would have to do it yourself. You can check for frequent updates on the System and Security page in the Control Panel. This will keep your computer updated and functioning well.

Free Up Disk Space
Not only programs and software, sometimes there are files that you don't need, but they get fixated in some corner of your computer. Taking help of a Free PC optimizer would come to your rescue under such circumstances. Using a good PC Cleaner Utility is a good idea here to remove these files. A lot of temporary files also get deleted in the process which really helps you free your total disk space.

Optimize Startup Programs
If you have too many programs running at startup, it might have really deteriorating effects on your computer speed. So, optimize your startup programs and keep only the ones you need by accessing them from Task Manager in the Startup tab.

Antivirus Scan
This is the one stop solution for a number of your PC problems, and believe us no PC optimizer is required. Just a reliable antivirus works fine. It is essential to scan your PC for malware regularly. But if your computer is running excessively slow, you could do a Full Scan on the Windows Defender that is preinstalled on the computer. This might be able to detect that one piece of malware slowing down your machine.

Hard Disk Defragmentation
Tune up your PC with hard disk fragmentation. Your computer might be defragmenting your hard disk on its own. But sometimes, you have to do it yourself. This can be achieved with the Disk Defragmenter tool or the ‘Optimize Drives' option. You can completely avoid the defragmentation process if your machine runs on a Solid State Drive.

PC Recovery And Restore Discs
Restoring your PC to its factory settings can help you get rid of problems like a slowing PC. This will literally put your PC like how it was when you had purchased it. Also, it is essential that you keep restore discs with the backup of your programs if you opt for a factory setting reset. With this disc, you can later get your programs back and your PC runs like new.

Didn't we say, this is easy?

Author - Shailendra Singh


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