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Web design companies will effectively deliver website design as well as SEO optimization of your website. Web development services in New York have been successful for many years in positioning websites high on Google search results.

Why SEO services and why Google SEO website optimization?

  • 85% of internet traffic of websites is generated through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing...)
  • 90% of people never surf past 3rd page of search results
  • 75% of people never surf past 1st page of search results
  • 85,7% of total online search results is generated through Google, while Yahoo and Bing together achieve under  8%.

SEO website optimization for Google
As seen in previously mention statistics Google takes over 85% of search all over the world. This is the reason why Google is a synonym for any online search as well as website optimization and positioning (on it). There are certain SEO rules applied by Google that should be followed by professional SEO optimizers in order to achieve the best possible website optimization. Every Web design company in NY is fully aware of this.

How to achieve website positioning on the first page of Google search

Top positions in search results are one of the most important factors for online business success. Specialty of ourWeb development companies in New York is to increase traffic on your web page by increasing your website ranking on Google search engine.

Our  Website developers in New York will make sure that your website has enough of quality content and to optimize it according to SEO rules. This is when your website will surely stay on best search position for longer period of time.

SEO services

  •  Detail research of keywords and key phrases
  •  Evaluation of competition websites
  •  SEO website optimization
  •  Advanced SEO optimization with alt tags and text links
  •  Adding meta tags and keywords
  •  Development of website SEO structure, internal websites linking, seo urls
  •  Registering website on Google and other search engines
  •  Link building campaign, registering website in web directories, web address books, bookmarking
  •  Following website traffic - Google analytics
  •  SEO consulting
  •  SEO web design services provided by our Web development firm in New York

You can validate our long-term experience in SEO optimization by checking our references.

Optimize your website and leave competition behind you!
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Additional services we can provide

Web and graphic solutions as well as web marketing that will ensure your business success. With this we propose to do the following for you:

logo design - development and creation of your business logo or products logo
Graphic design - Graphic solutions for promotional and office materials 
web design - Design and development of your web page in every element
SEO website optimization - Rank your website high on google search

Useful additions
Graphic and web elements can be useful for your website appearance and visual attraction.

    What are standard dimensions for web banners? We propose you several banner dimensions so you can choose the perfect one for your website.
    Color picker-explore color palette and discover your favorite.
    HTML color palette with names-explore colors ready for application.

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