Most 5 Reasons to Use Google+

Here are the top five reasons I joined:

1. Influence the Search Results of your Followers
When logged into Google, any links, photos or webpages you "like", by clicking the +1 button, will appear in your followers' search results when they search for similar keywords.

If you've built a following on Google+, this can be a powerful Search Engine Optimization tool.

2. Google+ Hangouts
Google+ hangouts is essentially a group or one-to-one video chat tool. True, you can do this with Skype, but I like the user interface of Google+. Plus, I've had less technical problems with Hangouts than I've had with Skype.

Another cool thing about Hangouts: you can create a Hangout where all users can simultaneously watch a YouTube video. While watching, everyone has the ability to comment, voice chat, pause and rewind the video.

3. Targeted Social Media Marketing
With Google+ you can easily send targeted messages and share targeted information with customers.

Here's how it works: first, you create various circles. For example, you may have a circle for new customers, another for current customers, and one for past customers. Next, you'll add followers to each circle depending on the relationship they have to your company. Finally, when you share content, you can choose which circle - or group of people - will see the information you've shared.

This is great for sending targeted, relevant information to your customers.

4. The time to take the plunge is NOW
Google is really pushing Google+. They've already integrated it with several other Google tools such as G-Mail, Google Reader, Google Search, and YouTube. After the Google Buzz and Google Wave failures, I believe they really want Google+ to succeed.

Although there aren't many Google+ users yet (90 Million for Google+ VS 800 Million for Facebook), the number of registered users grows every day. It might be a good idea to jump in now and begin building a following before - or if - it explodes like Facebook did.

5. It's easier to reach the hard to reach
I've noticed one really nice perk of Google+: it's a lot easier to engage with other users due to low usage volume.

For example, I follow several people on Google+ who have HUGE followings on Twitter and Facebook. Posting or sending a message to these busy people is basically useless on Facebook/Twitter. They either don't see it, or don't have time to respond to your message and the other several hundred they received that day.

I've had much better success on Google+ from these busy people - merely because there is less competition for attention.

To conclude, I think it might be worth investing some time into Google+. If your followers aren't there, I wouldn't spend a ton of time logged in - especially if it is taking time from your other, more active social networking accounts. However, it might be worth spending 15 minutes a day to begin building up your Google+ network.